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The Twinning Company has been an importer and wholesaler since 1998
of handmade and sustainable products Our range consists of a wide selection of authentic ceramics and tableware. The items are both functional and decorative and made from pure natural materials. With us, a fair price for the worker, a sustainable trade relationship and respect for the environment are at the top of the way we do business. 

Ondernemen met impact

At The Twinning Company we believe in supporting small-scale producers located in third world countries. The men and women who make the products often live in poverty. Our passion is to make a difference for individuals, the family and the village!
The Twinning company does this through long-term trading relationships, making visits and building relationships with our producers. After all, it is about impact and in this way we can really mean something to the men and women, the families and communities through which the products are made.

Handmade is wellmade

As Twinning Company, we keep our footprint  as small as possible and we want to make our handprint  as large as we can. Men and women all over the world use their hands  to create the most beautiful sustainable products and as Twinning Company we would like to draw attention to them. All our products are all lovingly handmade   For example, each plate is carefully painted by hand  and each candle is artfully formed by hand  . In addition, the products are made with respect for the environment, under good conditions and the employees receive a fair price. The craftsmanship of the men and women connects us to their story and makes a difference in their lives.

We are excited about that!

You too?

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