Women mainly work in the production of the candles. Sukarmi is one of them and has been making candles with great pleasure for several years. Her husband works as a farmer in East Java Indonesia. That is an uncertain existence. By making candles, her family no longer depends on what the land yields. Sukarmi can provide her family with a stable income and this gives her a sense of recognition and empowerment. Sukarmi is one of the many women involved in making the candles. The skills they learn and the fair wages they receive have brought stability to the community.

Kaarsen uit Indonesië - Wax inschenken
Kaarsen uit Indonesië - Aantal kaarsen
Kaarsen uit Indonesië - kaarswax gieten

The making of the Palm Wax candles is about sustainability for people, animals and the environment. The motto at the Fair Trade company in Indonesia is: the more hands can work, the more families can be maintained. More hands, more happy families.

The good working conditions and fair remuneration for the employees make it a real fair trade company. In a light and airy hall, the palm oil is transformed into beautiful candles. This is done in molds that are filled one by one by hand. After solidification, the candles are removed from the mold and each is finished and wrapped.

No forests are cut for the production of our candles. The oil for the candles comes from the inner, white part of the fruit of the tree. There is no deforestation and wildlife, such as Orangutans, snakes and birds, is not deprived of their habitat. The plantation has been around since 1928 and has the highest Sustainable certification, that is Identity Preserved. The plantation also hosts hundreds of farming families that have small nurseries. The candle is sustainably produced with respect for people, animals and nature.

Kaarsen uit indonesië tegen boomkap
Kaarsen uit Indonesië inpakken

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