Pottery from Tunisia

Jalel is the son of a family that has been making pottery for generations. Pottery is a traditional craft in Sfax, the knowledge of which is passed on from generation to generation within the family. The soil and clay in Sfax lends itself perfectly to the fine craft of pottery. It is a craft in which the whole family participates. The women are mainly involved in decorating the pottery, while the baking, glazing and wrapping is done by the men.

Keramiek Tunesië - the twinning company
Keramiek fabriek Tunesië - the twinning company
Aardewerk Tunesië - the twinning company

In Tunisia, there is much unemployment and education is still inaccessible to many people. The craft is an extensive safety net for the unskilled or low-skilled. Among the Artisinat potters are excellent craftsmen, such as Jalel, who make their products with the personal character of honest handicraft and authentic decoration.

The sale of this pottery leads to a significant expansion of employment. The number of families decorating has doubled, but there are also people who earn from packing, storing, filling the pallets, shaping the models and preparing the clay

Being able to earn money for yourself gives men and women a sense of self-respect, being someone, being able to get out of the house to buy something, feeling free and this positive feeling benefits the whole family!

The Twinning Company has been importing ceramics from Tunisia for more than 20 years and has thus built a sustainable trade relationship. With this approach we make an important contribution to their entrepreneurship and standard of living.

Keramiek Tunesië
aardewerk Tunesië

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