WOO products

WOO stands for “Worlds of Opportunities”. A world full of opportunities.

WOO is a sustainable, luxury lifestyle brand and a social enterprise that has launched a special collection of pampering products for caring for the home and body.
All WOO products are made by hand
with a heart for people and the environment.

Woo producten parfum zakje
WOO producten geurkaars
WOO-producten Minilights

At WOO we work with natural and…
sustainably produced, high-quality ingredients and recycled materials.

Where possible, people from vulnerable communities are involved
and trained who could use some extra support.

Complete the circle
Every step of the production process is carefully attended to: From collecting old beer, wine and vodka bottles and purchasing local beeswax for the candles to the local employees, including many women and employees with disabilities, who handcraft the products manufacture.

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WOO producten maker

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