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Chako is a social, creative and environmentally friendly company based in the outskirts of Zanzibar City. Chako was founded with three main problems in Zanzibar in mind; poverty, women’s rights and waste accumulation. Chako enhances economic opportunities by empowering local artisans made up of unemployed youth and women to create beautiful new designs from waste (especially glass and plastic) they collect from tourist resorts.

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Waste is a big problem for Zanzibar. With the growth of tourism, the daily waste has only increased over the years to now about 300 tons per day!

No other solution is seen than to “just” dump the waste in the ground or to let it roam somewhere on the island. This has major environmental impacts and risks to human health.

The products made in the workshop provide the local hospitality industry with a powerful and innovative way to reduce the footprint on the island’s environment and support and celebrate local design.

With this, Chako offers a solution to the increasing waste problem in Zanzibar and creates awareness about waste among local Zanzibaris, the catering industry, (tourist) companies, the government and tourists.

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